Board members at the Investment Club UZH organize events, manage logistics, and offer guidance to analysts. They play a pivotal role in coordinating club activities and supporting research efforts. Their expertise and leadership ensure the club’s success in the world of finance and investments.

Gianluca Pierallini


7th Semester Business Administration Student At UZH

Yannick Gautschi


7th Semester Law Student At UZH                     

Nicolas Michel


7th Semester Banking & Finance Student At UZH

Yannick Hefti

IT & Brand

3rd Semester Business Bachelor At HSG                                        

Dimitris Karouzos


7th Semester Law Student At UZH                            

Jules Ulrich


5th Semester Economics Student At UZH

Vincent Anzalone

Head of Analysis

3rd Semester Banking & Finance Student At UZH

Selin Acar


7th semester banking & finance student at UZH


Our dedicated analysts within the Investment Club UZH possess a knack for in-depth company analysis, allowing them to uncover valuable insights in the world of finance. 

Joining the Investment Club UZH as an analyst opens up many opportunities. Analysts have the chance to progress into board members, taking on leadership roles within the club. They also enjoy the advantage of early access to company visits, enabling them to network with industry professionals and gain real-world insights. Furthermore, analysts continually expand their knowledge base by learning new valuation methods, while learning both soft and hard skills through their involvement in club activities.

Denis Lasser

Jusef Enschai

Luca Kaczynski

Eric Nerger

Tui Haukanomm

Lisa Bossert

Mark Bühler

Celina Fröhli

Dario Dreier