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Investment Club UZH

Our Mission is to provide students with essential tools to evaluate companies and enable opportunities to interact with managers

For Students

Systematically analyze companies in an interactive way as a community

Investment Analysis

Empowering interdisciplinary students to assess companies they engage with daily, fostering collaborative analysis and discussions to determine portfolio inclusion based on comprehensive evaluations.

Company Visit

Providing valuable insights into production processes, fostering networking across departments, enhancing thorough analysis, and serving as a platform for companies to identify potential interns and future full-time employees.

Investment Pitch

A student team performs comprehensive company analysis, presents to a financial institution, receives expert feedback, engages in interactive networking, and concludes with a casual apéro for further discussions.

Upcoming Events

For Companies

Become part of the Investment Club UZH family by expanding your presence and connecting with motivated students at UZH and ETH through collaborations in our dynamic community.

Company Visit

Draw in exceptional talent and elevate your status as an appealing employer by spotlighting your workplace culture, mission, benefits, and dedication to advancement.

Investment Pitch

Amid an in-person investment presentation, enhance your company's image, streamline the process of recruiting top-tier students, and gain novel insights from our members. Select from options like an investment analysis, startup pitch, or M&A case study event.


Expand your student engagement through our polished email campaigns, effectively reaching an audience of 200+ and raising awareness about your company. Enjoy the advantages of a surge in applications.

About Us

In April 2022, a dedicated group of eight students established the Investment Club UZH. Our club has a clear mission: to foster collaboration among students across diverse disciplines at UZH and ETH. Through engaging discussions and thorough company analyses, we aim to create an immersive learning experience.

Our strategy involves forming partnerships with prominent Swiss enterprises spanning various sectors. This enables our members to not only explore corporate headquarters but also engage with top-level executives. This distinctive approach empowers students to gain profound insights into publicly traded companies across a spectrum of industries. Moreover, it facilitates the cultivation of valuable connections within the corporate landscape—a networking opportunity seldom found within university settings.

The Investment Club UZH stands as an unparalleled and exhilarating prospect for students. Join us in embracing a journey of education, networking, and innovation.


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